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 Yukon River Expedition 4

Yukon & Alaska © Copyright by Ch. Breier


My 4th Yukon River Folding Boat Tour, 3260Km


The course of the 2002 expedition

I have this expedition on 14 hours DV video

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

From left to right:Nick Newhouse , Chris Adolf , Dan Pahman , Jon Young

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

Left to right :Dan Pahman-Nick Newhouse-Christian Breier-Steve Newhouse-Stan Hanson

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

Nick Newhouse is checking out my boat (Yukon Bridge Dalton HWY)

Nick is serving in Irak right now !

Thanks Nick for risk your neck , for my freedom !

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

A big Firestorm near the Yukon River

Verlen Kruger  

was 80 years old when he paddled the entire Yukon River!

My Hero !

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

Verlen Kruger / USA  

   June 30, 1922 - August 2004


He's is and will be for ever my soul brother my champion my paddling role model !

 Rest in Peace ...

© by Ch. Breier & John Young

At the Bering Sea, we made it !

From left to right: Chris Breier , Mel Herrera , Stan Hanson , Steve Newhouse ,Nick Newhouse , Jon Young , Verlen Kruger , Jenny Kruger , Chris Adolf ,Dan Pahman

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

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