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Many people are against a trailer, it slows down and is a torture on every climb ...

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

But on a tour over many months

" for my way of travelling "

the trailer is inevitable ...

Alaska Trike Tour © Copyright by Chris Breier

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

From my 2009 Trike Tour I know exactly what I will take with me and what not!

Some things had worked very well others not ...

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Icebreaker-Merino underwear & socks, Fjällräven trousers & shirt in G-1000, fleece vest & pullover & trousers, suspenders, rain suit.

A good robust rain suit made of a solid and durable fabric with a membrane

( 3 Layer Gore Tex )

is an absolute MUST on longer tours !

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Then there are two sets of cycling clothes.
Good cycling clothing and cycling shoes are an absolute MUST when travelling.

I tried normal clothes for a few days, never again!

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With a neon bike shirt you really can't be overlooked any more

Comfortable MTB shoes are extremely important ! I have some with 3 Velcro fasteners, X-Traction sole for best grip and traction on running passages, 3-D ventilation mesh for good ventilation. The shoe has a nice stiff footbed with low profile design for direct power transfer to the pedal.

© Copyright by CASCO International GmbH

A helmet is of course obligatory, the trick is to choose one that won't get too warm in the summer. The CASCO ACTIVE TC has an enormous number of ventilation openings and is therefore very good to wear even at very high temperatures!

© Copyright by CASCO International GmbH

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

Exped Tent, Lestra Sleeping Bag, Inlet, Sleeping Mat, Tarp

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

My Exped tunnel tent was great, but now I'm using something freestanding.

The Exped AURIGA, it stands alone without guying and it is quite light with approx. 3Kg.

Of course there are smaller and lighter tents, but on such a long tour I would like to have a bit more space. In addition it is important to me that the tent is storm proof

The Lestra Piz Buin is a winterproof sleeping bag. It keeps you warm even at minus 25 degrees.
There is no sleeping bag that is too warm, only too heavy and bulky!
In summer, you just use it as a blanket and if it gets colder than just close it!
I once had a summer sleeping bag ( -5 ) with me on my travels, never again, because I froze like never before ....
So rather too warm than too cold is the motto for sleeping bags!


© Copyright by Ch. Breier




LEDLENSER headlamp, barometer, battery charger with batteries, 20-30 Watt solar panel, LED emergency light, Toughbook CF-19

Solarlader © Copyright by Ch. Breier

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

As solar charge controller I use a PR2020-IP from Steca Elektronik. It is really waterproof and therefore ideal for travelling.


As a solar module I use one from Phaesun.


(c) copyright by Phaesun

 It is a fully flexible (rollable) solar module.

It has already proven itself on two of my expeditions in Yukon & Alaska !

Technical data :

Voltage: 12 Volt

Power: 21 Watt/p

Dimensions: 1148 x 330 x 1mm

Weight: only 0.65 Kg !

I've only been using Panasonic Toughbooks on my travels for years, there's nothing better !

Unfortunately, my old CF-18 is getting old. I looked around for other laptops, Apple Pro etc. but in the end I decided again for a Toughbook, because I know that it is almost indestructible !
So it has become a Toughbook again, a CF-19 with Intel Core I5 processor with a touch screen and an extremely fast 500GB SSD hard disk from Samsung and of course USB, Firewire, Bluetooth GSM etc ...
A really great, dustproof & waterproof computer that is perfect for me on the road !
I have chosen the 64Bit WIN 7 Prof. operating system.

Of course I take my good old Garmin 276C with me again!


© Copyright by Ch. Breier

The Topo cards from Garmin are absolutely the BEST!

I use the Garmin topo cards with my Garmin devices, but also OSM maps, they are getting better and better!







© Copyright by Garmin Ltd.

The Garmin 276C and the Oregon 600 complement each other perfectly !

The OREGON 600 has a very good 3 inch trans reflexive TFT color touch screen, a barometric altimeter, electronic compass with 3 axes & tilt correction ...

It works with 2 AA batteries, NiMH rechargeable batteries or lithium batteries, so one charge is enough for about 16 hours on the road.

And finally also a reasonable 4000 waypoint memory.

© Copyright by Garmin Ltd.

It also works in conjunction with the Garmin speed sensor, cadence sensor, heart rate chest strap and wireless temperature sensor.
So ideal for all the data I want to collect on the go
Via microSD card it works together with all Garmin or OSM cards, no matter if road, topo or sea charts !
How good the Oregon is compared to the Garmin 276C will be seen ...


© Copyright by Ch. Breier

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

Unfortunately even the hub on the wheel of the Scorpion fx is not built according to standard, the Garmin speed sensor sits diagonally because it does not have enough space, let's see how long it lasts ....

© Copyright by Bushnell

My little always within the bag - GPS with backtrack, temp, air pressure, compass, lightning warning and so on. A great device !

Leica 7x42 BDA Binoculars

© Copyright by Leica © Copyright by Leica

Binoculars with built-in electronic bearing compass and laser rangefinder (up to 1000 m)

Well what should I say...

It`s a Leica... ;)


The DAZER II ultrasound dog defense device.

It has served me very well in Alaska and the Yukon. Works very well for the defense of biting dogs.

Everyone has to deal with annoying dogs from time to time, especially on the bike. With the Dazer you can keep (almost) every aggressive dog away from you, without itbeing audible for humans! The Dazer sends out an ultrasonic wave at the push of a button. This is a sound wave whose frequency is so high that the human ear can no longer detect as sound. For dogs, however, the signal is perceptible up to a distance of 10 to 15 meters. The device works best up to a distance of 7 metres. The Dazer weighs 130 grams and is made of lightweight, durable ABS plastic. The Dazer is the size of a medium-sized mobile phone. The 9 volt alkaline battery lasts for over a thousand signals, i.e. 2 to 3 years.  A few seconds are enough to scare a dog away. The Dazer itself lasts for years.



Small hand shovel, Swiss army knife, Leatherman tool, magnesium fire starter, knife sharpener, saw

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

Tableware, water bag, Katadyn Hiker Pro - Water filter, containers in all sizes

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

The OPTIMUS cooker has more than proven itself over the years, it is better than the MSR cookers, with which I had nothing but trouble


© Copyright by PRIMUS / SE

The Primus Mimer DUO is my backup (gas) cooker,  if you need a quick solution ...

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

 A small hand water filter is an absolute must!

This time I use the lighter Katadyn Hiker Pro or an MSR Miniworks, I have both!

© copyright by MSR


© copyright by ISOSTEEL

As drinking bottles I only use stainless steel bottles from ISOSTEEL.

These bottles are completely made of 18/8 stainless steel and have no internal coating that can flake off, thus have no corrosion problems and are tasteless.
The lid is made of plastic but 100% Bisphenol A (BPA) free. With these drinking bottles nothing tastes like plastic and one does not contaminate oneself with chemicals!

Ballistol for skin care and mosquito repellent !

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

 Works extremely well in Alaska & Yukon, whether it also works in Scandinavia, I shall see....

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

© Copyright ORTLIEB Sportartikel GmbH

As bags I use 2 waterproof Ortlieb Front & Back-Rollers, there is nothing better !

© Copyright ORTLIEB Sportartikel GmbH

© Copyright ORTLIEB Sportartikel GmbH

In addition, I use two versatile, detachable outer pockets. In it I can transport important utensils from the tool to the first aid kit. They have a roll closure and can be attached quickly and easily to the bike bag due to the clamping mechanism. This version with reflector is suitable for the ORTLIEB wheel bags.

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

For the the small pieces I need on the way, I use an older Ortlieb handlebar bag with photo insert!

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

Ortlieb used to use reasonable metal brackets!


© Copyright by Ch. Breier

Today they only have cheap plastic holders that you can hardly put on properly. No idea why companies build such a scrap again and again only to save some cents....

© Copyright by Ch. Breier

© Copyright ORTLIEB Sportartikel GmbH

I'm actually not a fan of the Ortlieb ( TIZIP-RV ) zippers because they don't always work, but as a topcase it's OK....

I'll take a König bag for the camera!

© Copyright by König Photobags

The King Ultimate 6L photo handlebar bag, there is nothing better !

                              Tip for outdoor clothing !

Again and again I am amazed when I meet people on the way whose oh so great outdoor clothing does not work as it should ...

Most apparently they don't know how to wash them properly and above all impregnate them properly again, which is extremely important ...

And it is so easy with NIKWAX products. I have been using them for many years !

Without regular care, the breathability of functional clothing drops significantly because dirt particles clog the pores of the membrane. The outer fabric also loses its water-repellent effect as a result of heavy soiling and absorbs water immensely when it rains.

So wash your functional clothing as often as necessary, but as rarely as possible. Light soiling can often be easily removed with a damp cloth. 


Always close zippers and Velcro strips before washing and then pull them to the left (i.e. turn the inside out).
It is always advantageous to follow the instructions on the care label.
Clothing is best washed with a special liquid detergent (NIKWAX) and rinsed thoroughly. Do not use normal washing powder, as this can clog the fine pores of the membrane very quickly!

Never use fabric softener on functional clothing!

After washing, allow the garment to dry completely

The skidding:
Please spin only at very low speed, high spin speeds can quickly destroy the sensitive functional membrane ! It is best to skid only for a short time and then hang up your clothes dripping wet.

Impregnating: ( Very important )
Only impregnate really clean fabrics !
Hang the clothing on a coat hanger and treat it completely with even, slow movements from a distance of approx. 20 cm, or impregnate it with NIKWAX immediately after washing in the machine!
Impregnation sprays are available in the relevant specialist trade.
Then let the items hang and wait for them to dry completely. You will get an optimal water and dirt-repellent effect after approx. 24 hours !

For fleece clothing:
Turn the fleece to the left (inside out again), wash with special NIKWX at 30°C and spin only briefly. Fleece clothing dries very quickly. Do not use fabric softeners, bleaching agents or micro washing powder.

With the underwear:
Basic rule for functional underwear: wash as often as possible, even when out and about. Sweating causes fats and salts to accumulate in the underwear, noticeably hampering its function. Salt absorbs a lot of moisture and functional underwear should be able to transfer this moisture to the outside as quickly as possible.

Please do not use fabric softener !

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Only those who risk going too far, will discover how far they can go!

Expedition in USA, Alaska & Canada, Scandinavia with folding boat, motorboat, catamaran, motorcycle, off-road vehicle, bicycle ...